Make a donation or gift a ticket for someone unable to afford their own

Tell your friends and family about Feminism in London. All are welcome to this highly empowering event. Book now and make an impact!

Your donation allows us to connect people and create partnerships around the world.

FiL is non-for-profit, and is currently funded by ticket sales alone. Unfortunately, high running costs dictate the ticket price, and we are acutely aware that even the concession is not affordable for many desperate to attend. We passionately want the conference to be accessible to everyone, and trust that the generosity of others who believe the same can make this happen.

FiL is a life changing event for many of the attendees, by gifting a ticket, you will be gifting the possibility of transforming a life.

We guarantee your ticket sale will be donated to a real person, and not a funding pot.

You can select your own donation amount, but we suggest £40 for a single day ticket or £70 for a combined ticket for both days. Or of course multiples of these!

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If you wish to purchase day conference tickets and book workshops too, there are discounts here